Our Philosophy

In line with “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide”, we have developed a teaching approach that merges subjects in everyday life, general models, and learning with games to which we add religious education. Our curriculum covers six areas of development, namely “moral development”, “cognition and language development”, “physical development”, “emotive and social development”, and “aesthetic development”, in order to nurture children’s character, intellect, physical wellbeing, sociability, aesthetic sense, and spiritual life which ultimately leads to whole-person development.

Based on “GAMES“, we have created all-encompassing activities for children to experience and explore.


Playing is a part of children’s life as well as their rights: Let them learn by playing and play while learning.

Artistic development

Let children express themselves with arts and give them room for creativity.

Moral Education

In the spirit of Christ, nurture children’s character and impart positive values upon them.

Active Exploration

Give children a chance to explore and learn by their senses. Stimulate their cognitive development.


Motivate children to learn on their own and recognize their own abilities. Inspire them to be curious about their surroundings.