Teaching Support

Centre for University & School Partnership, Faculty of Education, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Play- Learn- Grow” In Action (2017 – 2018)

In line with the implementation of 15-year free education by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR Government as a good start for children in pursuit of lifelong learning as well as in response to what was pointed out in “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide 2017” compiled by the Curriculum Development Council, “Play is an effective way of learning that best suits the developmental characteristics of children. Play is considered an ideal mode of activity that facilitates children’s physical and psychological development,” the Centre for University & School Partnership, Faculty of Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, start in 2015-2017 “Play- Learn-Grow” project. The project aimed at enhancing teachers’ curriculum leadership and professionalism by offering school-based support. It also encouraged teachers to create comprehensive, open mind, and inspiring game-based courses with an objective of uplifting children’s learning abilities and developing their potentials. School Development Officers worked alongside teachers of participating schools to prepare, observe, and reflect. They then developed diverse teaching approaches of play to cater for different learning habits of the children. Thus, the children were able to sustain balanced development with fun.

Hong Kong Christian Service – Bridge-Integrated Education Service

Hong Kong Christian Service provided On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Service to children who are on the waiting list of Social Welfare Department. They help us create inclusive learning environments so that children with special education needs can better integrate into schooling environment and community life, and promote children’s holistic for future development and learning.

Scope of Service:

  1. For children with special needs︰
    • On-site individual / group, class-based and therapy
    • 配以有康復設施的中心訓練
  2. For teachers / early childhood care workers︰
    • Professional consultation, skill demonstration
    • Professional talks / workshops / seminars, etc.
  3. For parents / cares︰
    • Talks / workshops / seminars, etc.
    • Review sessions for “Individual Training Plan”

“Kindergarten School Social Work Service”

Starting from September 2019, we have launched “Kindergarten Social Work Service” Scheme. For every Monday and Thursday between 8:30am to 5:15 pm, social workers would station at school and provide services to parents and their child.

Scope of service﹕

  • Instilling in children positive emotions, helping them build healthy social network, providing professional counseling, and fostering preschool children’s resilience and problem-solving ability.
  • Giving parenting education talks and seminars for addressing challenges throughout the growing path of young children.
  • Reinforcing parent-child relationship and communication, fostering family bonding.

Other Teaching Support;

Community Chest Straighten Up School Campaign (2017 – 2019)
A Healthy Family Starts form Education Development Scheme (Parent Education) (2018 – 2019)
“Kids’ Greenway” Project (2017 – 2018)
“Home-school Co-Operation” Project (2017 – 2019)
[email protected]” Campaign (2017 – 2019)